Maximum speed of 3G data with USB Data stick

3G USB Data Stick Airtel     : Airtel 3G USB modem 7.2 Mbps – E1731

: Airtel 3G USB modem 3.6 Mbps – E153


airtel 3g data stick

Idea : Idea Netsetter

NetSetter Type Model Supported Speed(Mbps)
HSDPA E 153 3.6 Mbps D/L & 1.8 Mbps U/L
HSPA E1732 7.2 Mbps D/L & 5.76  Mbps U/L
HSPA+ E 367 21.6 Mbps D/L & 5.76 Mbps U/L
Wi-Fi E5 7.2 Mbps D/L & 5.76 Mbps U/L


idea 3g data

Tata Docomo :

Photon 3G+ e-stick : Speed uplink – up to 5.76 Mbps , Speed downlink – up to 21.6 Mbps

Photon 3G e-stick : Speed uplink – up to 5.76 Mbps , Speed downlink – up to 7.2 Mbps


reliance 3g data Reliance








Most of the Users are not aware that these specification shown along with the device pertain to data communication limits of device only , This upper speed limit of device has no direct relation with the speed offered by the service provider. That are only hardware limits and shows that maximum data transportation speed of 7.6 Mbps or else can be achieved .

But as a matter of fact , no Indian 3G service provider is offering dedicated data speed in Mbps . True speed tested with best device available USB device (21.6 Mbps maximum speed ) was just 600 Kbps.

It may be surprising for most of the users that most of these telecom operators has allotted 6-15 Mbps data channel to individual towers. So this much data channel is available for all the users falling in the range of that tower so how a individual user can achieve higher than that , even the individual speed is further restricted by the router of service provider and that speed restriction is not specified by any of operators.

No doubt that 3G is offering better speed than 2G but the claims of speed are not true in general which are reflected with Strong , effective Marketing concepts.

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