Yahoo Transliteration Tool for Typing in Indian Language

Yahoo has launched beta version of Yahoo transliteration tool for Indian languages. The Indian languages supported by yahoo transliteration tool are Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam and Kannada. This tool helps in typing in other language with the support of English keyboard. The words are typed on English keyboard according to their pronunciation which are then matched to best suitable word in other selected language and same is printed on screen. So the Yahoo transliteration method uses English keyboard and helps in typing other language.

Yahoo Transliteration Tool

Text can be typed on home page of Yahoo transliteration. The online webpage for Yahoo transliteration has text formatting tools also like Bold, Italic, Underline, text color, bullets etc. The text typed on the online page can be copied and printed also.

Yahoo transliteration has bookmark tool for Firefox, safari, chrome and Internet explorer. User can drag and drop the control button for language of his interest from the Yahoo transliteration Webpage to web browser bookmarks bar. An icon appears in bookmarks bar as ‘Write in Hindi’ or ‘Write in Tamil’. Whenever user want to write in particular Indian language, he can click on bookmark icon and activate transliteration tool. After activation, a Language icon appears at the input box of webpage. Once user finish writing, he can click on language icon which deactivates Yahoo transliteration tool.

Users may be aware that Google also has similar Google Bookmarklet tool which also work in similar fashion. These bookmark tools has certain technical issues also. In some of the comments area of certain websites, these didn’t work. Similarly webpage where multiple text input areas are present then transliteration tool is not activated sometimes at the current cursor location. So these transliteration tools can be used carefully. It works fine in Yahoo mail, Google mail and outlook mail. It can be used conveniently on Google search, Bing search etc.

These tools have advantage of quick input in different languages other than PC input language. These can be switched on and off easily. But these work online so internet connection is must and these work through the web browser so these are not available for other applications.

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  1. please note that urdu is a well known INDIAN LANGUAGE ; kindle give us facility to taranslitrate or convert ENGLISH SCRIPT into URDU SCRIPT


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