Top three Hindi Transliteration tools for Hindi Typing

Hindi typing has become easier after evolution of transliteration tools. In general terms, Transliteration is mapping from one system of writing to another system of writing. Transliteration may be word by word or character by character.

Use of Hindi keyboard is very limited and it is mainly used by trained typists. Earlier many users had avoided typing in Hindi due to lack of knowledge of Hindi keyboard but Hindi transliteration tools present an excellent option for Hindi typing over Latin keyboard.

The most important point about these transliteration tools is self-intelligence. Hindi is treated as complex language for typing .Hindi writing is not sequentially progressive like English .It has characters and matrass which are placed on top, below, left side or right side of character. Therefore Hindi typing through Hindi keyboards is executed with the help of human intellect as human brain works for the sequence of characters but Hindi typing with Latin keyboard can’t be just translation of character. All these tools have self-intelligence and memory which produce the appropriate Hindi word according to Latin words.

It is expected that transliteration tool should have:

Online editor – so that immediate requirement of creating any document may be achieved.

Web browser extension – This fulfills requirement of typing Hindi on any website.

Offline tool for Windows and Android – This is helpful for systems which are not connected to Internet.

We have checked some well-known application for their speed of operation and quality of transliteration. These recommended applications are quite efficient and user friendly for online use.

Google input tool for hindi transliteration

Google Input Tool – This Google Hindi transliteration tool is improved significantly over past few years. Accuracy of generated Hindi words is impressive. This tool is available for Windows desktop, android devices and different web browsers. This is one of the best free tool and it is recommended for Hindi typing.

Quillpad – Quillpad Hindi transliteration tools is as efficient as other tools but use of this is not as straight as other tools. Quillpad editor is available online for online Hindi typing. User can create Hindi text with transliteration tool and align text with text editing tools. So a complete Hindi document can be created online with Quillpad.

It provides option to publish text in Hindi with its social tool. Text typed in Hindi over the online Quilipad tool can be published on social site like Facebook, twitter or it can be sent through email.

Similarly Quillpad roaming tool provides option to type in Hindi over some famous sites like WordPress, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia, Yahoo mail, Gmail and blogger. User need to login through Quillpad site for using this tool over other websites.

Yahoo Transliteration – This Yahoo Hindi Transliteration editor is available online and its extensions for Firefox, Google Chrome , Safari and Internet explorer are also available.


  • Quality of Hindi transliteration is impressive in all three tools but based on availability of tools for different platforms, Google input tool is the preferred choice.
  • Online typing can be done with available online editor and Hindi text can be printed or copied to other destination. All three applications have online editors.
  • Web browser extension for Hindi transliteration is provided by Google and Yahoo. These extensions can be used to type in Hindi on any website. Quillpad social tools provide limited and confined online use.

Quillpad has created multiple tools like Quillpad roaming tool, Quillpad Social tool which serve on specific websites so they are limited in use. It could have served purpose better by providing a single web browser extension. Overall Google Input tool is the first choice.