Best Indian Vedic astrology website for free online horoscope

There are large number of websites for astrology, free online horoscope, life predictions, match making, daily prediction, monthly prediction and so on. Every site has included free and paid options for personalized solution. Most of us are interested in free solutions only. As an ordinary user, we are not interested in higher technicalities of that science but want to read the conclusions of those permutations & combinations.

If you see the result from these large number of website, there is large variation in the predictions. This is also true that no result is 100 % correct, then question comes which is better among these. Whose predictions are better than others?

If you go into detail, you will find that predictions for day, week or month are very common in all these websites but results are mostly generalized or away from reality. But life predictions which gives broader idea about individual are impressive in few websites.

If you approach some well-known astrologer and get personalized analysis, then you get much better analysis but my discussion is just focused on online website solution and that also free. Most websites offer a small set of information without charges but charge something for personalized horoscope and specific analysis.

How to get free online horoscope

For newbies, you require to feed three parameters to generate personalized horoscope or other personalized astrology prediction and analysis.

Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth

Date of birth and time of birth is inserted directly in the web form. The place of birth is necessary for latitude and longitude of birth place which is required for getting the planetary position as per your birth place. You just have to enter name of birth place, website automatically collects latitude and longitude from place name.

paramdhaam indian vedic astrology

Best website for free online horoscope and prediction

After checking free online horoscope,life predictions in several major website, I can say that Paramdhaam is best for Indian Vedic astrology prediction. This site also offers daily, weekly, life prediction but I found life predictions through this website as one of the best. The text of all predictions is written by Sh. Mananacharya and Acharyya Satyanistha of Haridwar, India. You can ask a personalized free question to acharyaji, which is very useful for people interested in discussing some concern. This site is developed with the help of several Acharya of Rishikesh, Haridwar and New Delhi.

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