Use Power of Evernote to organize your office and home

Evernote is a powerful tool to create day to day notes. In this digital era, your daily diary is replaced by these applications and these digital diaries are easily multiplied among different devices like tablet, smartphone or PC. These applications can be highly useful in work disposal and improve efficiency of operations. We all have assignments in office and home as well so listing of assignments, deciding priorities, timely disposal, reminders etc can simplify our mind and actions.

evernote for home and office

Categorize office and home assignments

Think of Evernote notebook as your assignment diary so don’t merge office and home in single notebook. Create separate notebook for office and home. Within these two broader categories, you can create further more notebooks which can help in categorization of your information systematically. For categorization of office work, you can create notebooks as per the type of assignments. For home, you can broadly categorize like personal finances, shopping, etc. These sub-notebooks are like chapters.

Create notes in specific notebook

Note creation is quite easy in Evernote but utilizing the power of Evernote in creating information / task is very important. Writing text, selecting font, font sizes, font color, and underline text is common thing which most of us are familiar. Inserting table, highlighting text, paragraph alignment, unordered list, ordered list, horizontal line, and check box is also available in Evernote editor. So broadly, it has self-sufficient tools to create well drafted notes.

Use drag & drop to move notes from one notebook to another

Attach useful documents in Notes

You can attach important useful documents in your note. One of the good thing is that Evernote understands commonly used file type and shows the information contained in the attachment. Evernote understand music file types, PDF files, text files, etc. When you insert some music, then Evernote can play the music file inside the Evernote note. When you attach PDF file, the Evernote opens that PDF file inside the note. If you attach MS word document, Evernote can perform search inside the attached Word document but this feature is available in premium version only. All the attachments of Evernote are saved in particular directory. As we know that that Evernote sync your information between all your devices so attachments also sync between devices. If you attach some MS office document, then it will be available in all your devices having Evernote application. If you update document in one place, it will be updated in all other places as well.

Use Evernote Image Editing tool

Evernote image editing is simple and equipped with all essential tools. The image editing is done in a new pop up window. After necessary editing, you can save or discard changes. The changes is done in only inserted image, not on your original image. This is good to preserve original image and inserted image in Evernote is only updated. Image editing tools are highly user friendly. Just spend 5 minute, you will understand each easily. You can highlight image area, insert text, insert annotation, crop image etc.

Use reminder

Reminder are very useful in delivering things timely. Most of the time we miss several things and works are delayed so it is always better to keep some reminder for your task. Putting reminder for any note is very simple. You can place remainder for tomorrow, week or any other date.

Share your note

This is also very useful tool. The sharing feature allows you to send email or share the note on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Sharing your note on email is highly useful for office purpose. Evernote uses your user email id to send email.

Use Tags

You can create tags in the notes. Most of the people do not use tags in notes but there is one big advantage of using tags is inter-connectivity of notes. The tags indirectly link all the notes. It helps a lot in search also. When you search by some tag name then all the notes which has particular tag is shown in search result. You can directly check all the notes with particular tag.

Use Evernote Web Clipper

Use Evernote web clipper to save information from webpage to your Evernote. You can clip some article from webpage and save it in your Evernote notebook. You can save full webpage also. The option of simplified article in web clipper helps to clip article by removing unnecessary elements from the webpage. You can take screen shot also and edit the image before saving it into Evernote. So this way you can save information from web to your Evernote which can be highly useful for day to day work.

I feel, if you utilize above features efficiently, Evernote can simplify your work environment.

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    I found your site through a link in a post you made at the Evernote Forum.

    Your article is quite nice, but I have a suggestion if you wish to attract more traffic, specifically current and potential Evernote users. You summarized Evernote’s capabilities in general terms, very well.

    One thing I think you may have done better is to vocalize that you understand everyone is not – despite being a computer dependent society – as tech oriented as you are. It’s great to show confidence in the computer literacy of your readers, but you need to remember a lot of folks still only have a very basic level of it. Especially anyone over 30 years of age.

    But my suggestion is that you add some posts that:

    –> Explain your particular workflow in detail, highlight which EN features you utilize for each stage of your workflow, and explain the mechanics of using them (the features). And include annotated screenshots.

    –> Create a few different scenarios about digital data, the various common types of it, and how it can cause problems for people if they haven’t yet found an effective means of storing, accessing, sharing and utilizing it.

    Then create a few posts highlighting each scenario and detail how Evernote can help them solve such dilemmas. Some step-by-step instructions, along with annotated screenshots, would be great.

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