What is Content Type in Drupal 8

Users who are new to Drupal system may get little confused for the term Content Type. Drupal 8 is highly flexible CMS where user can create content more than just a article. Most of the CMS allows to create a fixed type of content. For example WordPress allows to create post or page type of content. When you create a post in WordPress, the form has few input fields like title, description, tag etc. So the form fields are fixed for post in WordPress. We can say that WordPress allows to store information in only one particular fashion.

Drupal 8 content type

If user want to store information about a electronic product then desired fields in form may be product title, product price, product specification, product description, product rating etc.  CMS like WordPress or Joomla has no provision to input product details in independent form fields.

Let’s take example of different cases. When you fill up form for some examination then input fields in form are specific. Similarly when you fill up form for ticket booking then input fields in form are also specific. There are lot of different types of forms which collect information from user. If we apply same concept to Content Management System(CMS) then CMS also use form to collect information. This collected information from the form is saved into database and later it is retrieved for displaying to the end users.

So it is the input form which allows CMS to collect different type of information. Some CMS like WordPress has one particular type of form which is typically used for article type of data input. WordPress like system are not user-firledly for storing specific type of content. But Drupal has solution for specific type of content also. Drupal allows to create forms for different types of content.Drupal allows to create customised forms for different type of content. If you want to collect information about student profile then you can create a form with specific fields like student name, class, date of birth, school name, home address etc. If you want to collect information about examinination result then you can create fields like roll no, marks obtained  etc. If you want to collect information about taxi hiring services in city then you can have fields like taxi no, owner name, rates for 80 km, rates for 120 km, night charges etc.

You would have understood that Drupal allows to create form with different types of fields. Drupal is quite flexible for creating different types of form for content.Each of these form represents a particular content. Different form represent different Content Type in Drupal 8.

The above discussion is  primarily meant to convey the meaning of term Content Type in Drupal 8. How a content type is created and how it is used to input content is also need to be understood.

User can create a particular Content Type from the Structure section in Drupal 8 Admin panel. Give a name to this new Content type and then add fields in this Content type. Now this particular Content Type in Drupal 8 becomes a bundle of fields to store specific information.

For inputing information in this specific Content Type, you need to access it from the Content section of Drupal 8 admin panel. If administrator gives access to this Content Type from some other menu then you can access it from other menu item also. But Administrator has access to all content types from Content section for content generation. You select your content type and then insert information in each of the field for saving it into database.