Paper Jam in Printer – Care Two Things in Rainy Season

paper-jam-in-printerDuring the rainy season and humid climate condition , computer printers are mostly stuck with paper jam. This Paper Jam is a common phenomenon which occurs with most of us at some point of time. When print command is passed from computer to printer, printer print LED starts blinking .This reflects that computer communication with printer and printer acceptance to print data is going on. These things are purely electrical in nature and not affected with the weather conditions.

Weather conditions affect mechanical parts inside the printer and print papers.

Computer printers have numbers of mechanical parts which help in taking the paper inside, moving the paper through the internal route , rollers actions of printer , ejection of papers etc. Mechanical parts are affected with the weather conditions and affects results more when dealing with the delicate materials like papers.

Paper Jam – What to be done:

Heavy duty printers are coming with initial test which warms all the paper mechanism inside the printer so problems like paper jam are in bit control. But normal printers need care.

Keep check on the humidity
– This is either controlled if printer is installed in air conditioned space or separate heating arrangement is done. Sometime external heating with hanging a light lamp for some time help in removing moisture of the printer.

This has to be remembered that moist parts of printer affect for initial few prints only later the printer warms up with the initial prints so the probability of moisture related problem especially paper jam is less after certain prints.

Printing Paper – Due to weather conditions the print papers absorb moisture so the whole bunch of papers becomes sticky. Whenever any print command is given , the printer roller tries to fetch a single paper and rolls it through the internal mechanism for printing then ejects it to out tray. When print papers are moist then sometimes multiple papers are fetched inside the printer and stuck in the internal parts of printer. This is the main cause of Paper jam. Even if single paper is fetched it may not roll straight through the path and tear inside due to moist condition.

So it is necessary to keep dry papers in the paper tray. Specially during the first print, keep only single paper so as to avoid multiple paper fetch.

If your printer is stuck with paper jam , don’t try to pull the paper immediately .There are levers which release the gears of printer and paper can be pulled outside without pulling that from tightly hold conditions. So check your printer for paper release mechanism and pullout. Restart your printer to refresh any error stored in memory.

These small precautions may save your papers ,printer and precious time spent over the printing task. So avoid paper jam for your printer and save printer life.