Live Video Streaming applications – Review

Live Video streaming from ground event is becoming popular day by day. Earlier it was quite a difficult task because sufficient bandwidth was not available for live video streaming through mobile networks. Now 3G/4G networks provide a reasonable amount of bandwidth which can transfer live video streams. Generally 3G networks provide around 500-600 kbps of data transfer for live stream .This may not be sufficient for good quality video but highly compressed video can be sent live easily. 4G networks are supporting much higher data transfer speed so you can even live stream high definition videos also.

There are number of software applications which you can be used for live video streaming. Few of them are recommended here for reasons like simple user interface, better video encoding options, additional video production features etc.

live video streaming


Wirecast by Telestream is one of the best video production cum streaming application. Software demo is available for testing. Wirecast Studio cost around $500 and Wirecast PRO version cost around $1000. If you are planning to use application for some professional prupose then its worth to spend $500 .


  • Simple Graphic user interface
  • Multiple options for streaming to YouTube, Wowza etc.
  • Large set of predefined encoding parameters
  • Complete control of video encoding parameter for custom encoding
  • Best video production features
  • Multiple Predesigned video streaming profiles for different video resolution
  • You can take video output from the system but this feature is available in PRO version only.


  • No free app
  • Wirecast trail application comes with wirecast watermak

Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS)

OBS studio is an open source application. It offers similar streaming and production features as Wirecast. From the video encoding and streaming point of view, it is as good as Wirecast but video production interface is much better in Wirecast. Different layers of A/V is more easily managed in Wirecast than managing different scenes and sources in OBS.


  • Free application
  • Good for video encoding and streaming
  • Video recording facility available
  • Option for streaming to Youtube, facebook streaming service etc. Custom streaming server connection facility as well.
  • Large set of video production feature


  • Video production requires dynamic changes so toolsets should be always available in production interface. Wirecast display different production tools systematically that help for dynamic changes.OBS has most of the features but require more user friendly interface.
  • No predesigned video streaming profiles


vMix is a feature rich video production and streaming application. It also offers to record video. You can use playlist option to sequentially play list of a/v sources. vMix interface is better than OBS. It brought all the toolset in the primary interface like record, stream,add input, playlist etc. One of the good thing is production tools like cut, fade ,wipe are simultanesouly available in primary interface. You can cut one scene to other and then wipe other scene. This thing is even better than that of Wirecast. One more advantage with vMix is video output. It support external out from the application. You can get video output from some video render like declink  or HDMI.


  • Large set of feature for video production
  • User interface is good
  • Support multiple streaming servers like youtube, facebook etc. Custom stream option also available.
  • It gives Video out from application. This is useful feature if you want to record your produced output to some external recorder or you want to display produced output to different display screen.
  • 60 day free trail version is available


  • vMix is not completely free application. Some of the features like HD, SD, 4K resultion,  two external out, more than 2 camera requires paid version.The Basic free version offers only 768×576 resolution. But just $60 can upgrade your application for 1920×1080 resolution. I think , the cost of this HD version is quite nominal. Free version has restriction of only 2 camera input. But you get video streaming, recording and external output in free version also.


Wirecast is a good application but it’s a paid application. OBS Studio is completely free but little compromised for features and interface. But it can serve your purpose of video streaming without any limitation. vMix is a good application in terms of video production features and user interface. You can use vMix freely if you want to stream video upto resolution 768×576. If want to stream HD video then you need to pay some charges but its cheaper than cost of Wirecast