Hindi Typing methods for Android Smartphone

Hindi Typing on Smartphone or Laptop has become quite easier. There are multiple methods for Hindi typing.Development of Hindi Typing methods has been gradual as Hindi is a complex script for typing purpose. Different types of computer keyboard layouts like Remington, In-script, Phonetic were used.

Evolution of transliteration method was most promising development for Hindi typing. Computer users are quite familiar with Latin script based keyboards so transliteration method helped to type Hindi using Latin  script based keyboard. Same QWERTY keyboard with added computer intelligence helps to print Hindi words quickly and easily.

Next stage displayed Voice typing. Efforts for efficient voice typing were going on for long but software algorithms were not efficient enough to interpret different human voices. But latest Google tools are quite smart to deal with these issues.

Latest Handwriting tools are gift of prevailing Smartphone technology with touch screen facility. Intelligent software recognize the handwritten character and print that on your Smartphone.

Hindi Typing methods for Android Smartphone

  • Hindi Typing using Keyboard
    • Transliteration – require Google Indic keyboard app
    • Hindi keyboard – require Google Indic keyboard app
  • Hindi Typing using Handwriting tool – require Google Indic keyboard app
  • Hindi Typing using Voice – Part of Android Operating system in Smartphone

Configure Your Smartphone for Hindi Typing methods

Install Google Indic Language app – The above three methods i.e Hindi Typing using keyboard and handwriting tool can be achieved by installing Google Indic Keyboard app from Google Play. Download and install the app from Google Play. Now go to any app where you want to type something.

Google Indic Language

  • If you long press the space-bar button on Android keyboard it opens the active keyboard options. You select English & Indic Languages for typing in Hindi or other Indian language.
  • Now your keyboard will show two tabs on keyboard like abc  अ  , you select for Hindi/Indic language typing.  When you select   , a small downward arrow button appears on right side of  . When you click on this downward arrow, three typing options for keyboard with transliteration method ( likhen -> लिखें  ) , keyboard with Hindi character ( लिखें ) and Handwriting tool appears.
  • On the upper right side of keyboard, you have option to select language out of Indic languages supported by Google Indic language app.
  • You can click on gear symbol also to configure Google Indic Language app for advanced options.

Google Indic Hindi KeyboardHindi Typing using Hindi Keyboard – This Google Hindi keyboard is little more advanced than old fashioned Hindi keyboards. For using this Hindi keyboard, you select 2nd option (लिखें  ) from Google Indic language keyboard options. When you click on any virtual keyboard character, suggested Hindi characters with Matra is displayed on upper portion of keyboard. For example click on क  then suggested option are like क का कि की कु कू के कै को कौ  . You need to practice this keyboard for Hindi Typing.

Google Indic Transliteration keyboardHindi Typing using Google Transliteration tool – This is most efficient and convenient method for Hindi typing for people who are familiar with Latin script based keyboards. For using this Hindi Transliteration keyboard, you select option ( likhen -> लिखें  ) from Google Indic language keyboard options. Transliteration method uses Latin script based keyboard to print Hindi characters. Hindi words are typed as per the pronunciation of the word. Google tool understands the word and most suitable word is printed. This tool simultaneously recommends suggestions also. You can choose correct Hindi word among the choices offered by tool for the characters typed in English.

Google Indic handwriting toolHindi typing using Handwriting tool – This method is quite useful for people who write Hindi. Handwriting tools use Smartphones touch screen for writing words and printing same on screen. For using this Hindi keyboard, you select option 3rd keyboard option from Google Indic language keyboard options. Writing with stylus pen can be more convenient than writing with your finger. This keyboard also offers suggestion for the written Hindi word.

Hindi Voice Typing – Google Voice typing tool is quite efficient for understanding your voice and printing the appropriate character. It has excellent capability to recognize correct word from different Hindi accent and voices. Earlier voice tools were quite heavy and processing power hungry but Google Voice tool works very efficiently in smartphones without any noticeable delay. Voice typing is like dictation where you give dictation to your smartphone using microphone. One of the problem with voice typing is ambiance sound. If surrounding sound is noticeable and interferes with your voice then your smartphone may not interpret your speech correctly. So you can’t use Voice typing in noisy places or public places. But Hindi typing with voice is quite fast as compared to other methods.


All above methods for Hindi Typing are user friendly and provide excellent software interface. Selection of any one out of these depends upon user. People who are not familiar with Latin script based keyboards may choose voice typing or Hindi Keyboard. People who are in practice of using English keyboards can have preference for Transliteration method. Voice typing is good for Hindi speaking person but require low ambience sound for correct speech interpretation.