Google Input tools for Hindi Typing

Google tools are very useful for Hindi Typing and all these tools are quite improved in recent past. Few years back Typing in Hindi was quite a difficult task but latest tools from google has made is such a easy task that even a beginner can start typing in Hindi. I have written about in Hindi typing several times but here I am just focusing on Google Input tools for Hindi Typing on mobile devices and laptop / desktop device.

Hindi Typing on Windows Laptop/desktop PC

Google Input tools is quite a matured application and it provides several options for Hindi Typing. You can access Google Input Tools website and try it online as well. Google Input tools provide support for several languages but here I am just using it for Hindi. You can use it for other Indian languages as well like Gujrati, Marathi, Panjabi, Tamil, Telugu etc.

I will suggest you to visit Google Input tools website and try different typing methods through your browser. You will learn within short time and understand capabilities of this application.Google Input tool is available for Google Chrome browser , Windows and it is embedded into Google services like Gmail, Youtube, Google Search, Google Drive, Google Translate.

How to use Google Input Tool in Offline mode or How to use Google Input Tool in Windows PC/Laptop

Now a days, we are mostly using Windows 10 so brief idea of using Google Input Tools in Windows 10 is given here.

  • From the Google Input tools website, download application after selecting your preferred languages and install application by clicking on downloaded exe file.
  • Google Input tool is activated automatically which you can also check by
    • Go to Control Panel-> language . Here you will see Hindi also ( If you downloaded tool for Hindi )
    • You may have multiple active languages in windows which may be visible in this screen. Windows uses topmost or first language for its application as a default language.
    • Alternatively you can click on language icon on taskbar at the bottom. You will see language options. If you select Hindi, then a new control will also appear above taskbar for Google Input Tool.
  • If Google Input Tools for Hindi or your language is not activated automatically, then you may activate it manually also. Go to Control Panel-> language. If your choice of language is not visible in list, then click on Add a language. After adding your language, click on Options to configure language input options. Now you need a setup input method for this language as Google Input Tools. Click on Add an Input method and then select input method Google Input Tools. Save this option. Now your system is ready to use your language with Google input method. 
  • You can now select Hindi from taskbar language option and start typing Hindi.This tool provides transliteration method to type Hindi. Transliteration method is based on a dictionary-based phonetic transliteration approach. Whatever you type in Latin characters, it matches the characters with its dictionary and transliterates them. It also gives you suggestions for the matching words.

This way Google Input tool is installed in your PC so you can use it locally for typing on notepad, MS Word , websites, facebook …..

Use Google Chrome Extension as Google Input Tool for Google Chrome Browser

You can use Google Chrome extension also for typing in Hindi. You can download and install the extension for Chrome browser. Detailed instruction for installation and configuration is described in Google documentation. Google Input Tools Chrome extension

This Google Input Tools Chrome extension allows users to type in Hindi on any web pages in Chrome browser. So this extension provides limited use means you can type on Facebook page, twitter page or any other page but you can’t use this for typing on notepad or MS Word.

Use Google Input Tool in Google Services

  • Gmail – You need to enable Google Input Tool for your Gmail account for using it in your account. So you go to settings ( Gear Icon ) -> General Tab -> select the check box “Enable input tools” in “Language” section. Once you select check box, you will see “Edit tools” link which allows you to select your preferred languages. The Google Input Tool selection button appears on left side of Gear Icon which you can click for typing in Hindi or Other language.
  • Similarly you can activate Google Input Tool in Youtube, Google Drive , Google Search apps also.  

Hindi Typing on Your Android Device Using Google Input Tools

As we discussed use of Google Input Tools for Windows system , we may also use these tools in Android mobile devices or tablets. HIndi typing on mobile phones is equally easy. Install the Google Indic Keyboard from Google Play Store and install the app. Other than English ,Google Indic Keyboard supports different Indian languages like Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil , Telugu, Odia, Bengali ,Hindi, Gujarati and Assamese.

One of the advantage of Google Indic Keyboard is that it supports different modes of Input for your language.

  • Transliteration mode – You can input text in your language through the latin keyboard characters based on pronunciation of the word in your language. For example you can input swagat and keyboard will suggest स्वागत . So this way you can easily input text in your language.
  • Native Keyboard Mode – This provides characters of native language to input directly in native script.
  • Handwriting mode – Smartphones have touch screen so handwriting mode facilitates to enter words by writing same on screen.
  • Hinglish mode – If Hindi is input language, then this mode suggest both English and Hinglish terms.     

You may refer my earlier article on How to use of Google Indic Keyboard in Android device for Hindi Typing.