Publish Mathematics equations into wordpress directly from MS Word 2010

Most of the default text editors in the blog post are not able to render the Latex code which is required for publishing the equations on Website. WordPress has plugin WP-Latex that render the Latex code.

There are certain software that generate Latex code for equations , one of most preferred software is MathType.

If Wp-Latex plugin is installed in WordPress and code for particular equation is achieved from MathType , it can be copied into post. This works fine but the procedure is cumbersome.

In the last article , I have given idea to publish into blog post directly from word 2010. If idea of typing equation into word 2010 and then publishing directly into blog post materialize , then it can simplify lot of problems. Yes ,it is possible with least efforts.

  • Install wp-Latex plugin into wordpress blog.
  • Install MathType into your computer , it will associate with your MS word 2010.Additional menu item of MathType will appear into ribbon of MS word 2010.

For typing any equation, use MathType only instead of default Microsoft equation editor.

word mathtype menu

In the MathType menu bar , Click on Convert Equations

word mathtype configuration

Select Text using Math Type translator -> Latex 2.09 and later


It will make the code compatible for WordPress. WordPress plugin will render it and then publish it as you typed in MS word 2010.



Remotely Publish WordPress Post from Microsoft word 2010

Microsoft office 2010 has extended facility to publish directly into WordPress, bloggers ,TypePad or Sharepoint blog as Blog Post.

Microsoft Office 2010 has made blog publishing a easier and convenient work for bloggers who desire better text editing , convenient publishing , impressive tables , improved pictures and more.

Publishing blog post with MS word 2010 can be broadly divided into 4 steps.

  1. PAGE SETUP – Change page size into points ( Pixels) – Mostly blog webpage width is measured in the pixels and it is also required to configure MS word 2010 page also into pixels that will publish items from word to blog in the same fashion as seen in word.


    Go to Display settings and and select the units of Display as Points

    Save the settings.


  2. BLOG WRITE-UP – Prepare the write up for your blog.
  3. WORDPRESS SETTING – Start Remote publishing facility in Blog – Here Example of wordpress is given ,similar can be applied to other blog services also.

    Login as administrator into wordpress blog.

    Go to Settings->Writing , At the bottom of this page , remote publishing check box must be selected. WordPress option to start xml-rpc service for remote publishing is necessary .Now save the setting and exit from blog.


  4. blog registration word 2010BLOG REGISTRATION AND PUBLISHING – Go to file->Save & Send -> Publish as Blog Post , Click the right side Icon [ Publish as Blog Post]

    A new window with clean publishing looks opens and a pop-up emerges for Blog registration wizard. From the drop down menu , blog service provider can selected like wordpress, blogger etc.

    When you click next , new windows ask for three parameters.


    1. Blog Post URL : http://<Enter your blog URL here>/xmlrpc.php – Here you need to enter blog wordpress word 2010url.It is important to know that /xmlrpc.php is must for remote publishing.
    2. Enter your user name and password the window ,then select OK . It will register your remote account.
    3. Now select the left ribbon icon [ Publish ] , it will ask for user information again. It is better to save User details otherwise remote account ask these details for each upload.



Some Unknown Features of Twitter

Today the most talked social site is Twitter. As the claim of twitter that it has about 100 million users and users loves it because of its simplicity. Users of Twitter can post his or her post of less than 140 words, can create a link of other sites, can share a photo or video and also can repost other users massage. These are the works people mostly do on Twitter or we can say that Twitter is known for this purpose only. But other than these features Twitter has many other options available by which many people are unknown. In this article some unknown and useful features of Twitter are discussed here.

1.       Create Photo Gallery

On Twitter we can create a photo gallery, that display about 100 previous uploaded images.  But for video no such option is not available on Twitter. On the other hand an independent site hashalbum can group with the user’s twitter images and then these image can be seen on any hashtag based album.

hash album


For instance site shows all images which are posts on twitter with URL hash “# aquapets”.

2.       Power Search

The Twitter default search box will show some result for any popular keyword. But it contains most of the result which are of that time. For zero any specific entry clicks on Refine Result, this is closed to centre of search result page and land you to advance search filter of Twitter, here you can specify your next search filter.

3.       Use of Keyboard Shortcuts

Instead using mouse to operate Twitter you can use keyboard for this purpose. For this to avail this facility type Question Mark (?) on the web interface of Twitter, then the list of keyword’s commands available on the Twitter will pop up on the panel.  About twenty commands are currently listed, from this ‘r’ is used for retwittet and ‘/’ for jump to search box. Some command requires double keystroke like for jump to the profile page of ‘g p’. There is two more command which usually not listed on the panel. For getting post which have photo link, you have to type‘s p’ then a box will appear for this purpose.  Similarly you get the same features for video link by type a‘s v’.

  1. To Read more than 140 words limits

There are some people who are not satisfy by 140 words limits of Twitter, for these there is solution on Twitter. For those Twitter has made a separate hash tag “#longreads” that support long articles and blog posts. Sometimes you want more information on the current news for which you get it by using “#longread” or you may get specific information by using  some specific words before “#longread”. In this way you get familiar with this trick to get read more than 140 words information.

  1. Cross Post To Facebook

There is also a facility to update your Twitter status on the Facebook.  For this you have to install selective Twitter apps, this will help you to prompt to Twitter for your username. This will to open your both Facebook and Twitter account.  As soon as you finish your Twitter update with the suffix of “# fb” then this Twitter update will also go to the facebook.

  1. To Post more than 140 Words Limits

 In Twitter there is a 140 words restriction for each post, but in some case it is become difficult to finish your post under 140 words restriction.  For this there is a solution, you have to go to and then open your Twitter account.



  Then type your twit on the text and then post it as usually.  Then the Twitter will show your half massage but with a link with it, by clicking on the link one can easily read your rest massage.

  1. To known the Unfollow Status   

On Twitter if someone wants to know the who stop to follow him or her, then he or she have to go to the and then open your Twitter account.






Then enter your email account then this service will give you the information who and when stop to follow you on Twitter. Alternatively you may directly get this information on Twitter itself by “Unfollow” account on the Twitter.

  1. Customize Your Twitter Background




As default there is only twelve Twitter background design available but you may get background more than this. For this you have to go to  which provides you different text, colour and image so you can customize your Twitter background. Also from this you can also get the readymade background available on this site.


How to select a suitable Headphone

If you loves music and don’t want to spent lacs of rupees to purchase a home music system then this article may help you to purchase a headphone worth for you. Mostly people use only those headphones or ear buds which usually supplied with their phone or with their audio system. Today variety of headphones are available in the market with the price range from Rs. 10,000 ($200) to 80,000 ($1600).

Basically there are two type of headphone are available in the market

1.       Over the Ear Headphone

Over the Ear Headphone


This type of headphone large in size and of dome in shape and cover all the parts of the ear. The use of these headphones is mainly in homes or in one place only because of large size and also too bulky to carry, also because these headphone are not suitable for outdoor purpose the size of their connecting plug is also somewhat larger than the ordinary headphones, the plug size ranges from 0.25 inch to 6.35 mm. also due the large size connecting plug it is easily connectable to the Digital player.  They are available in the market with the price tag of Rs. 1500 ($30) to Rs. 70000($1400).

2.       In Ear Headphones

in ear headphone


This is mainly consisting of two parts one is the soft and other is the hard part. The hard parts of the headphone contain the electronics of the earphone and the soft part of the earphone contains the flexible earpiece which is inserted in to the ear canal.  As the ear piece completely fit in to the ear canal so the ear is totally seal or closed. The sound quality provided these ear piece is great. Some models such as Sennheiser IE8 IE 8 headphone price tag are about Rs. 700($15).

3.       Ear Buds Headphone

ear bud headphone

These are basically supplied with your phone or with music player. These are consisting of a single piece of plastic with a small covering of soft material which is in direct contact with your ear skin. The kind of audio quality you get with type of ear buds is ordinary. For good quality of sound you may spend some rupees from Rs. 200($5) to Rs. 1500($30) to get a good quality of ear buds. But overall these ear buds gives an ordinary quality of sound.


4.       On the Ear headphoneon ears headphone-2

 This type of head phone partially covers the ear like the one which was supplied with the old Walkman music system. The weight of these kinds of headphones is also less as compared to Over the Ear Headphone. The main attraction of this headphone is that it not totally blocks the ear canal and also ears are not fully covered by them, the advantage of this is that the sound not disturbs the ears too loudly. This type of headphone is of both types i.e. open and closed backed. In the open backed headphone there is air circulation is there so you cannot be irritated at all by the use of these headphones, also these type of headphone gives a impression that the sound is coming from all surroundings. On the other hand the closed backed type of headphone is used only when someone doesn’t want any interference between him the users and its music and wants to fully involved in the music. The disadvantage of this type of headphone is that it gives some sensation of heat at ears due the lack of air circulation. The price tag of this type of headphone is ranges from Rs. 800($15) to Rs.10000 ($200).

What is Noise Cancelling?

Some type of headphone is available with noise cancelling technique. The noise cancelling technique may be available in both active and passive headphones. In headphone with noise cancelling technique has the properties of blocking all the low frequency audio from all the surrounding of the headphones that means you can enjoy your favourite music on low level of sound with any irritation or damages to the ears. But also it is not sure that the entire external audio mute to zero with this headphone some leakage may reach to the ears.

Passive noise cancelling technique is not very critical as it seal or block the ears canal, it is easy and an effective method. On the other hand the active noise cancelling technique is quite different as it recognize all the external sound waves and block them to reach to the ears, although some humming sound could reach to the ears. The noise cancelling technique headphones are good for some situation but not recommended for all situations. In market it is available with the price tag of Rs.2000 ($40) to 22000($440), like Philips headphones model 5500. Also there are some models available in the market which gives noise cancelling technique with In Ears Buds, On the Ears and also in Over the Ears headphones.

Some important things to remember before purchase a headphones

Before making a final choice for purchasing a good headphones users should care not to purchase a headphone by which all the ears body are block by headphones so one cannot be able to hear the surrounding sound this may damage the ears drum on the account of large uses of this headphones. Also these types of headphones are not recommended in the traffic as it prevents all the outer sound which is harmful for the users.

Different companies are engage in the field of headphones manufacturing like Sony, Panasonic, Philips and Logitech.

beats headphone


In the field of headphones the brand Doctor Dre’s Beats also available in India. It is available with HTC Sensation XE and with HP notebook.



USB and Firewire – Comparative Analysis

USB and Firewire are two types of connection which can be used to connect external storage devices and cameras to your computer. Most computer users will use USB devices as a way to connect external devices. However is USB really ideal for anyone working with video software?

There are a number of advantages which FireWire gives you and very few disadvantages. This makes them important for anyone interested in video editing.

USB (Universal Serial Bus)

Universal serial bus

                                Universal serial bus connector

USB is a standard for a wired connection between two electronic devices, including a mobile phone and a desktop computer. The connection is made by a cable that has a connector at either end. One end, the one that plugs into the computer, is the same across all USB cables while the one that plugs into the mobile device can be of various types such as miniUSB, microUSB or a proprietary connector.


FireWire (IEEE 1394)

A very fast external bus standard that supports data transfer rates of up to 400Mbps (in 1394a) and 800Mbps (in 1394b). Products supporting the 1394 standard go under different names, depending on the company. Apple, which originally developed the technology, uses the trademarked name FireWire.

firewire connector

                                                firewire pin configuration

FireWire (also known as i.Link or IEEE 1394) is a personal computer / consumer electronic serial bus interface standard offering high-speed communications and isochronous real-time data services. The IEEE 1394-1995 standard for the High Performance Serial Bus defines a serial data transfer protocol. The capabilities of the 1394 bus are sufficient to support a variety of high-end digital audio/video applications, such as consumer audio/video device control and signal routing, home networking, nonlinear DV editing, and 32-channel (or more) digital audio mixing.

camcorder firewire port


USB and Firewire Technology


USB and FireWire are very similar on paper however they work differently. USB is a slave technology which requires a computer to work properly. Without a computer or a host device it’s not possible to share information. This means that all cameras and external hard drives are normally set up only to be slave devices.

FireWire on the other hand is a much more sophisticated type of connection. This is capable of managing the transfer of data more effectively. This is a peer to peer connection which is where any two devices can be connected together.

Compatibility of USB and Firewire

USB is the more common technology which makes using it much easier. Every computer made in the last 10 years supports some form of USB connection. USB 1.0 is slower than the newer versions of USB 2.0 but it’s still possible to use all USB devices without any extra equipment. FireWire on the other hand will require additional equipment to be used properly which needs extra cards and cables.

Not every device will support FireWire. Whereas any device supporting FireWire will also normally support USB. This means that a FireWire external hard drive can normally be connected to a USB port as well.


FireWire is a much faster and more reliable technology for video editing. This is because it works much faster and works better to transfer large files.

A single 1394 port can be used to connect up 63 external devices. In addition to its high speed, 1394 also supports isochronous data — delivering data at a guaranteed rate. This makes it ideal for devices that need to transfer high levels of data in real-time, such as video devices

Speed analysis of USB and Firewire

FireWire is a much faster and more modern technology. There are two types of FireWire still in use today. FireWire 400 was the original version of the technology which supported 400 Mbps speeds. This was much faster than USB 1.0 which had a speed of 12 Mbps. However USB 2.0 pushed the speeds to 480 Mbps which was higher than the limit for FireWire.

A new version of FireWire was released known as FireWire 800. This supported speeds of up to 800 Mbps which was much faster than USB 2.0. There is a theoretical limit of 3.2 Gbps for the technology when another new version is released. FireWire is still the best option for video editing because it works quicker.

USB 3.0 may level the playing field slightly when it comes out due to increased speed. However FireWire will probably still remain the connection type of choice for most professionals.

Cost analysis of USB and Firewire

USB is much cheaper to use and implement because almost all devices support USB connections. If you want to use FireWire then you will normally need to upgrade your computer with an expansion card inside the PC. Putting this into a desktop computer is relatively easy however sourcing a card for a laptop computer can be very difficult. You will also need to purchase different cables in order to use them with your computer


Solid State Drive (SSD)

samsung ssd

sandisk ssdSolid state drive is used to store data as done by the conventional Hard Disk Drive(HDD) but SSD has many advantages over HDD. In this article we will give you a brief introduction of SSD and its advantage over HDD.

intel ssd

SSD means Solid State Drive which is used to store digital data in the solid state memory i.e. in semiconductor memory like NAND flash memory. As far as role of SSD is concerned, there is no difference between the SSD and HDD. Also the size and shape of SSD and HDD are not very different so there is no problem on the compatibility ground. The technology used by SSD is very much similar to that of USB flash memory to store the data. But they differ in the respect of form factor and the capacity of the memory device. Also flash drive is generally external to the computer while the SSD is permanently install inside the computer as a traditional HDD and only removed from the computer at the time of repair or upgrading the system.

In the recent years, cost of SSD has gone down and the capacity for a given size of SSD has increased. Due to these reasons SSD, having non-volatile NAND flash memory, become popular in the manufacturing of notebook computer, Tablet, and in the recently launched Ultrabook laptops.

Also there is a video here to see it in detail


   Following are the advantage of SSD over HDD


  • Access time of SSD is very less as compared to that of HDD, as SSD doesn’t have any spinning disk to access the data by read/write data.
  • SSD has high impact resistant as compared to that of HDD and it is approximately 1.6 times higher to that of HDD.
  • Mostly SSD store data in chips which are of non-volatile NAND flash memory as it is cost efficient to that of DRAM and it has the property to retain the stored data even there is no power.
  • As far as noise is concerned, SSD is noiseless in operation but HDD has some noise.
  • As in HDD electromechanical in nature so the life and reliability as compared to SSD is low.
  • Despite the above benefits of SSD over HDD, it is expensive per Gigabyte(GB)
  • In SSD storing media is semiconductor chips and in the HDD it is magnetic media such as hard drive so the access of data in SSD is easy and fast to that of HDD.

Power efficient i.e. SSD require less power as compared to that of HDD, as SSD doesn’t require to run the motor to spin up magnetic platters and drive heads. The power efficiency is the major things to be considered in the portable computers as they don’t require power to run a motor.