Facebook Live from your Laptop – How To

Social media is playing key role in connecting with people. Day by Day World is narrowing down with more connectivity. Video, Audio, Images and Text messages can be sent to large group of people in seconds. Information sharing is much more convenient with different social media tools. Social media tools and network bandwidth together open options for more and more facilities. Now it is possible to organize a live event on Facebook. You can stream live video to Facebook servers which publish your content to your Facebook page.

How to do Facebook Live

First look at the requirements for live streaming to Facebook servers.

  1. Facebook account
  2. Good quality network connection
  3. Video source – Laptop inbuilt camera or use external camera or video capture
  4. Video encoding and streaming application

Lets discuss above points to understand the process better.

  • You can stream video to your Facebook page. So you must have an account on Facebook.
  • Good quality network connection is essential for video streaming. In case of video streaming , video content is uploaded to Facebook server so demand for upload speed matters a lot. How much upload speed you need? This depends upon the quality of video you want to upload. Quality of video depends upon video encoding parameters.If you compress more, quality will be lower. So understand the encoding parameters for maintaining good quality for your captured video. Generally 2 Mbps stream is good for general purpose but professional broadcast require more bandwidth which depends upon video resolution and compression parameters.
  • You can get video from single camera or multi-camera setup. Your laptop can capture video from inbuilt camera or you can use external USB camera also. In case of multi camera setup, collect the final output of multi camera setup ( produced output) and capture the video through some capture device. Multiple video capture devices are available in market. Blackmagic Intensity shuttle can be a good choice to capture external video.Its drives are supported by most of the applications.
  • Finally you need some application to encode video and encapsulate for streaming. In my last article about Video streaming applications, I discussed some of widely used application. My choice here is Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS) as this is completely free for usage.

Facebook Live – In few Steps

  • Connect your Laptop with internet.For safe side, test your network speed also so that video stream goes smoothly to Facebook server.You video data upload limits should be less than the average upload speed of network otherwise frames will be dropped and freezing will be observed in live video.
  • Open video streaming application. I am giving example here with Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS). Add video source to your OBS. Click on + button in Sources, then select Video Capture device->Create New. A pop up window will emerge which will show capture devices.From the drop down window, select your video capture device.Your video will be visible in preview window. You can then cut it for final output.
  • Now you need to configure video stream.Click on Settings button on right side. The settings window has option for Stream settings.Following settings need to be done.
    • Stream Type – Streaming Services
    • Service – Facebook Live
    • Server – Default
    • Stream Key – You will get this stream key from Facebook configuration page.After necessary configuration on Facebook page, collect the stream key and paste that here.

OBS Facebook live stream settings

  • Now login to your Facebook account and go to Facebook page where you want to do Live video streaming.
    • In Top menu option, Click on Publishing Tools
    • Publishing tools page will open. In left side menu, click on Videos
    • In this Videos section,click on +Live button to create a Facebook Live
    • A popup window will emerge showing the stream url. Stream Url consist of two parts. First part is Facebook server url and other is stream key. You copy this URL and stream key because this will be required for configuration in your streaming application.
    • Facebook live stream
  • Now go back to OBS and paste this stream key into OBS stream settings. Click apply and then OK.
  • Your system is now ready for Live video stream to Facebook. You can now click on Start Streaming in OBS. Without live stream signal, Facebook page shows Offline status which changes to Live after server receives live stream.

Facebook Live configuration is just for getting the unique streaming URL. Some other settings on Facebook page is like Title, description of live event which you can apply as per your requirement. The video streaming applications requires Facebook streaming URL ( complete URL or just stream key) which you may apply as per your application.

I hope, you would have got a broader idea of Facebook Live Event.

How to get the Email addresses of All your Facebook friends

If you want to send email to all your Facebook friends or you are involved in some kind of internet marketing then you may require email addresses of all your Facebook friends. Facebook can be connected to your Yahoo mail or Outlook.com mail and these email services can collect contact list of all your Facebook friends. But when you try to export list of contacts from Yahoo or Outlook.com then a blank csv file is downloaded in your computer. This is a common problem faced by several people. These Email services block downloading of contacts which are imported from Facebook.

How to get the email addresses of all your Facebook friends

There are few methods which can help you to extract emails of your Facebook friends. Let’s look at each method one by one.

get the email addresses of all your facebook friends

Use Yahoo mail to get the email addresses of all your Facebook friends

As I pointed out that Yahoo mail do not allow to export Facebook contacts but we can still use some tools to collect email addresses.

  • Connect Yahoo mail with Facebook to fetch Facebook contacts
  • Login into Yahoo mail account
  • Go to Contacts by clicking on contact icon
  • Now click on Facebook in left vertical menu
  • Now click on import to get all contacts of Facebook into Yahoo mail.
  • Method 1Get the email addresses of all your Facebook friends

  • Click on Action button and select Print all
  • A new pop-up window for print contact will emerge, you can print your entire contacts. In the layout option, select basic view. Click on print.
  • Now the browser print window will emerge. You can print contacts in PDF file.
  • So your contacts are in PDF file now.
  • By selecting all content of PDF, You can either copy & paste the content of PDF in MS Word file. You can format contact list in MS Word. You can even transfer contact details from MS Word to MS Excel where it can be formatted according to export list.
  • If you are using MS Word 2013 then you can directly open the PDF file. It will convert PDF into Word.
  • If you just want email addresses, then you can use some online email extractor service. Copy content of PDF file and paste it into email extractor, you will get list of email from email extractor.
  • Email extractor – http://eel.surf7.net.my/
  • Email extractor – http://freeemailextractor.net/
  • Method 2Get the email addresses of all your Facebook friends

  • Go to contacts and click on Facebook to see all Facebook contacts
  • In the contact list, yahoo loads only limited contacts. If you select upper check box to select all contacts then those contacts which are loaded presently will only be selected. So you just scroll down up to end of your contact list, this will load all contact through ajax method. Now you select upper checkbox, you will see that all contacts are selected.
  • Now you click on Email Contacts button on right pane. This will open email compose windows with all the contacts in sender address bar.
  • Click somewhere in address bar; ( To : ) . Now press Ctrl+A to select all and then press Ctrl+C to copy all email addresses. So this way you have copied all email addresses.
  • You can paste these email in any text file.

Use Facebook to get the email addresses of all your Facebook friends

You can use Facebook also to collect email addresses of all your Facebook friends. Process is simple but little time consuming and time dependent.

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Now go to settings from the control button at top right side. You will enter into General account settings.
  • At the end of General account settings, there is link to Download a copy of your Facebook data. Click on this link.
  • In the next window, you click on Download archive.
  • Since complete archive contains lots of data like your images, videos etc. so Facebook intimates readiness of archive in your mail. Once your archive is ready, you can download archive.
  • After receiving Facebook archive, you can open index file and get all the contacts from contact section.

How to Activate Shortcuts for Facebook Page Navigation

If your Facebook page is full of posts and you want to navigate through the page as fast as possible, then use of keyboard shortcuts can help you in reaching different sections of page quickly. Every time reading a post and then picking up mouse to scroll for next consumes more time so it is fast and convenient to use shortcuts. Only thing, just remember few keyboard shortcuts and enjoy fast Facebook browsing. If you practice for just 10 minutes, you will find the benefit of using shortcuts.

Install the Google Chrome extension Facebook ++ . Once this extension is installed and active in Google Chrome directory, you can use it for your Facebook page navigation. Look at the shortcuts created with this plugin.

Shortcuts for Facebook page navigation

Shortcut description

Shortcut Key

Go to next post


Go to previous page


Go to last post of page

Shift + J

Go to first post of page

Shift + K

Like for the bests


Go to original page’s post


Page refresh


Go to comment field in current post



These create great convenience in reaching page information. When you press J , you reach to next post subtly and get next highlighted post. Shortcut key V opens the original post’s page in new window. When you press C and enter into comment area then text area is active and shortcut keys does not work until you come out of comment area. Once you type comment and press enter, comment is published and cursor moves to next comment therefore it is better to click on some other open area to come out of text area. Once you are out of text area , shortcut keys are again active.

This is useful plugin for all Facebook users; especially for Facebook fans who contribute more time and need better efficiency in Facebook page navigation.

How to Change Color Scheme of Your Facebook Page

Facebook recently celebrated one billion user base. Each Facebook page has a particular look and feel. Blue header, white background and black text and blue links is standard color pattern of a Facebook page. It is simple and looks neat but each user has some particular liking for the visual display of a page so idea of changing colors of Facebook page seems interesting.

The text color, page background color and header cum links color can be set separately so that Facebook page looks as per your liking. The header color and link color is common in Facebook page.

Color Changer for Facebook Page

There is a Plugin in Google chrome directory that can offer you settings for managing your unique color setting for Facebook page. Please go to the link and install the Google Chrome plugin named Color changer for Facebook. Once this plugin is installed, go to your Facebook page. Click on drop menu by the side of Home link.

Change Facebook page colors

Once you click on these color setting , color palettes will emerge .Here you can set color as you like. If you want to go back to original Facebook settings then click on the default facebook icon .This will bring original color settings.

Green color scheme for facebook page

Here user must know that this plugin is installed in the Google Chrome browser of particular machine so your color scheme will be available in this particular browser of that machine only. Other machines and browsers will display the default Facebook page.

If you don’t want or you want to remove this plugin, just go to the extensions of the Google Chrome browser. There you can uncheck this extension to disable it or directly click on remove button to remove the plugin from Chrome directory.