Hindi Voice Typing in your Laptop or PC

Efforts for efficient voice typing were going on for last several years but quality of outcome through these applications were not very accurate. But Google  developed a very efficient voice typing tool which support Hindi voice typing also. After testing this tool, some of my observations are:

  • This Google tool for Hindi voice typing is quite efficient. Its accuracy for voice to text conversion is more than 90 percent. Larger part of speech is correctly interpreted.
  • Punctuation need to be inserted later after voice to text conversion.
  • Speed of voice to text conversion is very good. You can maintain your normal communication speed in this tool. You can say its quite fast in understanding voice and printing text.
  • You can use your laptop inbuilt microphone for voice input or you can use external mic as well. External sound affects the application response so it is advisable to use headset mic in noisy places to get better voice to text conversion result.

How to use Google Hindi Voice Typing

google hindi voice typing

For Hindi voice typing in your laptop or PC, you can use Google online voice typing tool which is accessible from Google Docs. Lets see the whole process in steps.

  • You need internet connection and Google account.
  • Go to Google Docs https://docs.google.com
  • Login with your google login ID
  • After login into Google Docs, create a new blank document
  • A text editor window will emerge with text editing tools.
  • Now go to Tools and then Voice typing..
  • A control box will emerge on left side of document.
  • In this control box, first select the language as Hindi.
  • Now click on Microphone symbol to activate voice to text conversion.
  • Once you finish speech, click on microphone symbol again to deactivate voice to text conversion.
  • After Hindi voice typing, you can start document editing work.

Whatever you type on Google Docs can be saved directly into Google Drive or sent to email or as email attachment. You can download document also as docx, pdf, txt etc. This way you can easily create your document by dictation and later do further editing for finalization.

How to Export Google Docs

google docs logo


It is very common to save notepad, word, excel and PowerPoint presentation files on Google docs. Places  where internet connection is available it is easy to see these files simply by login in the Google docs panel, but when internet connection is not available then it is impossible to get these files.

               To fix this problem Google gives the “Takeout” facility. With the help of this facility all the files which are available on Google Docs can be saved in a single zip file. Also this can be achieved by clicking on a single button, and after that you can save these files with any extension.

How to use “Takeout” facility on Google Docs

 For this you first have to go to the link below


After that you have to login your Gmail account, then select here the “Google Docs” service, then choose the create archive button.

 In this way it will saves all your Google Docs into a zip files. It is also possible to save your files in the popular extension like word, excel and PowerPoint or you can make PDF files. It can be opened in the open office service also.