Hindi Typing methods for Android Smartphone

Hindi Typing on Smartphone or Laptop has become quite easier. There are multiple methods for Hindi typing.Development of Hindi Typing methods has been gradual as Hindi is a complex script for typing purpose. Different types of computer keyboard layouts like Remington, In-script, Phonetic were used.

Evolution of transliteration method was most promising development for Hindi typing. Computer users are quite familiar with Latin script based keyboards so transliteration method helped to type Hindi using Latin  script based keyboard. Same QWERTY keyboard with added computer intelligence helps to print Hindi words quickly and easily.

Next stage displayed Voice typing. Efforts for efficient voice typing were going on for long but software algorithms were not efficient enough to interpret different human voices. But latest Google tools are quite smart to deal with these issues.

Latest Handwriting tools are gift of prevailing Smartphone technology with touch screen facility. Intelligent software recognize the handwritten character and print that on your Smartphone.

Hindi Typing methods for Android Smartphone

  • Hindi Typing using Keyboard
    • Transliteration – require Google Indic keyboard app
    • Hindi keyboard – require Google Indic keyboard app
  • Hindi Typing using Handwriting tool – require Google Indic keyboard app
  • Hindi Typing using Voice – Part of Android Operating system in Smartphone

Configure Your Smartphone for Hindi Typing methods

Install Google Indic Language app – The above three methods i.e Hindi Typing using keyboard and handwriting tool can be achieved by installing Google Indic Keyboard app from Google Play. Download and install the app from Google Play. Now go to any app where you want to type something.

Google Indic Language

  • If you long press the space-bar button on Android keyboard it opens the active keyboard options. You select English & Indic Languages for typing in Hindi or other Indian language.
  • Now your keyboard will show two tabs on keyboard like abc  अ  , you select for Hindi/Indic language typing.  When you select   , a small downward arrow button appears on right side of  . When you click on this downward arrow, three typing options for keyboard with transliteration method ( likhen -> लिखें  ) , keyboard with Hindi character ( लिखें ) and Handwriting tool appears.
  • On the upper right side of keyboard, you have option to select language out of Indic languages supported by Google Indic language app.
  • You can click on gear symbol also to configure Google Indic Language app for advanced options.

Google Indic Hindi KeyboardHindi Typing using Hindi Keyboard – This Google Hindi keyboard is little more advanced than old fashioned Hindi keyboards. For using this Hindi keyboard, you select 2nd option (लिखें  ) from Google Indic language keyboard options. When you click on any virtual keyboard character, suggested Hindi characters with Matra is displayed on upper portion of keyboard. For example click on क  then suggested option are like क का कि की कु कू के कै को कौ  . You need to practice this keyboard for Hindi Typing.

Google Indic Transliteration keyboardHindi Typing using Google Transliteration tool – This is most efficient and convenient method for Hindi typing for people who are familiar with Latin script based keyboards. For using this Hindi Transliteration keyboard, you select option ( likhen -> लिखें  ) from Google Indic language keyboard options. Transliteration method uses Latin script based keyboard to print Hindi characters. Hindi words are typed as per the pronunciation of the word. Google tool understands the word and most suitable word is printed. This tool simultaneously recommends suggestions also. You can choose correct Hindi word among the choices offered by tool for the characters typed in English.

Google Indic handwriting toolHindi typing using Handwriting tool – This method is quite useful for people who write Hindi. Handwriting tools use Smartphones touch screen for writing words and printing same on screen. For using this Hindi keyboard, you select option 3rd keyboard option from Google Indic language keyboard options. Writing with stylus pen can be more convenient than writing with your finger. This keyboard also offers suggestion for the written Hindi word.

Hindi Voice Typing – Google Voice typing tool is quite efficient for understanding your voice and printing the appropriate character. It has excellent capability to recognize correct word from different Hindi accent and voices. Earlier voice tools were quite heavy and processing power hungry but Google Voice tool works very efficiently in smartphones without any noticeable delay. Voice typing is like dictation where you give dictation to your smartphone using microphone. One of the problem with voice typing is ambiance sound. If surrounding sound is noticeable and interferes with your voice then your smartphone may not interpret your speech correctly. So you can’t use Voice typing in noisy places or public places. But Hindi typing with voice is quite fast as compared to other methods.


All above methods for Hindi Typing are user friendly and provide excellent software interface. Selection of any one out of these depends upon user. People who are not familiar with Latin script based keyboards may choose voice typing or Hindi Keyboard. People who are in practice of using English keyboards can have preference for Transliteration method. Voice typing is good for Hindi speaking person but require low ambience sound for correct speech interpretation.

Hindi Voice Typing in your Laptop or PC

Efforts for efficient voice typing were going on for last several years but quality of outcome through these applications were not very accurate. But Google  developed a very efficient voice typing tool which support Hindi voice typing also. After testing this tool, some of my observations are:

  • This Google tool for Hindi voice typing is quite efficient. Its accuracy for voice to text conversion is more than 90 percent. Larger part of speech is correctly interpreted.
  • Punctuation need to be inserted later after voice to text conversion.
  • Speed of voice to text conversion is very good. You can maintain your normal communication speed in this tool. You can say its quite fast in understanding voice and printing text.
  • You can use your laptop inbuilt microphone for voice input or you can use external mic as well. External sound affects the application response so it is advisable to use headset mic in noisy places to get better voice to text conversion result.

How to use Google Hindi Voice Typing

google hindi voice typing

For Hindi voice typing in your laptop or PC, you can use Google online voice typing tool which is accessible from Google Docs. Lets see the whole process in steps.

  • You need internet connection and Google account.
  • Go to Google Docs https://docs.google.com
  • Login with your google login ID
  • After login into Google Docs, create a new blank document
  • A text editor window will emerge with text editing tools.
  • Now go to Tools and then Voice typing..
  • A control box will emerge on left side of document.
  • In this control box, first select the language as Hindi.
  • Now click on Microphone symbol to activate voice to text conversion.
  • Once you finish speech, click on microphone symbol again to deactivate voice to text conversion.
  • After Hindi voice typing, you can start document editing work.

Whatever you type on Google Docs can be saved directly into Google Drive or sent to email or as email attachment. You can download document also as docx, pdf, txt etc. This way you can easily create your document by dictation and later do further editing for finalization.

How to use Google Handwriting Input for Android smartphone

Technology is improving day by day. Old type-writers are now completely replaced by computers. Even methods for Typing text over computers and smartphones is also changing very fast. Smartphones which were equipped with just virtual keyboard are getting different alternatives for text input. Experts were trying for handwriting and voice input method for last several years. Now handwriting input tool has reached to a mature level where users can conveniently use it.

Google handwriting input tool

Several smartphone users find problem in using virtual keyboard as the keys are quite small. Similarly voice input has problem of picking surrounding noise. So the handwriting input method looks most challenging alternative to all other methods. Handwriting input is quite a user friendly method for text input.

Now Google has a given a next level of text input method , i.e Google handwriting input. It is more intuitive and fast for text input. At present it support 82 languages .After installation Google handwriting input tool becomes part of Android system so you can use this input method on any application and it works with or without internet connection.

What is Google Handwriting input

As the name suggest, handwriting tool works same as we write on paper. Only difference is that we write on some touch sensitive electronic device which read the written text and convert it to print text. The Google handwriting input tool is intelligent and sensitive tool for reading handwritten text.

You can install Google handwriting input tool in your Android phone and activate it. Once you configure , you get one more option to input text in your Android smartphone. Generally people use android keyboard to input text by using virtual keys of keyboard. In Google handwriting input, you don’t have to push virtual keys. You just need to write text with your finger or stylus on the touch screen. Your handwritten text is interpreted by Google handwriting input application and displayed on the screen.

Google handwriting input tool is quite fast in recognizing handwritten text. There is no noticeable delay. It is designed quite intelligently so that it can recognize and interpret different types of handwriting properly. It recognizes independent characters and cursive writing also.It is quite useful for complex languages like Hindi and other south Asian languages which use complex script for keyboard input.

How to use Google Handwriting input in Android smartphone

First check that your Android smartphone has Google Handwriting Input installed or not. If Google handwriting input is not installed then go to Google play store and download it. After downloading and installing Google Handwriting Input, your smartphone gets capability of handwriting recognition. For using this app, first activate the Google handwriting input method.

One important thing to keep in mind is that Google handwriting input converts handwritten text into active language of your android system. If system language is English, handwritten text is interpreted as per English vocabulary. If android system language is Hindi then handwritten text is interpreted as per Hindi vocabulary. If the vocabulary for particular language is not available in system, then Google handwriting input downloads additional package.

activate Google handwriting input

Activate Google handwriting input

Go to “Settings -> Languages & input -> Google Handwriting Input”. Select Google Handwriting Input option to activate it.

How to switch between Google handwriting input and other input method?
If Google handwriting input is active then you can press globe button to open keyboard option.Alternatively you can long press space-bar to open keyboard options.
If other keyboard is active then long press space-bar to open keyboard options.

How to use more languages?
In the settings section, go to Input Languages. You can turn off system language and choose any other language.Google handwriting input will now recognize handwritten work of other language.

How to enter spaces between words?
You can enter spaces between words by tapping the space-bar. The recognizer automatically inserts space also based on understanding of previously entered text. This works efficiently for commonly used words.

Advantage of using Google handwriting input tool

Google Handwriting input tool is result of technological advancement and it provides a latest convenient way to input text in the smartphone.

  • You can enter text in your style of writing text.
  • You need not to switch between virtual keyboards for entering different types of character like numeral, small and capital alphabets , comma, slash etc .Google handwriting input understands all type of characters which were part of virtual keyboard.
  • Your speed of text input can be better by writing text on touch screen instead of moving finger for different virtual keys.
  • People who find inconvenience in typing over virtual keyboard will be highly benefited as they just need to enter text as they write on paper.

Hindi Typing on WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is one of our favorite messenger. In contrast to Facebook which make everything social, Whatsapp make you messages more private. WhatsApp popularity has grown along with the growth of smartphones in society.

WhatsApp supports text, video, audio and other files as well. WhatsApp messages can be in different language, you just have to use suitable keyboard for writing text in that language and same principle applies to Hindi Typing on WhatsApp interface. Hindi is one of common language for most of the Indian and Hindi typing on WhatsApp interface is our point of discussion in this article.

Hindi typing on WhatsApp interface

Best tool for Hindi Typing on WhatsApp interface is Google Hindi Input. Just follow these steps to install Google Hindi input tool in your Android phone.

  • Go to Google play and search Google Hindi Input
  • After you install Google Hindi Input tool, you need to activate Google Hindi Input keyboard.

How to activate Google Hindi Input keyboard

Go to phone Settings and then Language & input. Now in this Language & input settings page, select check-box for Google Hindi Input. This will make Google Hindi input available in keyboard & input options.

language and input setting in android

You can activate any keyboard directly during typing on virtual keypad. Just long press the space-bar in your virtual keyboard, you will get keyboard options. You can select your keyboard from the available options. The long press means you press the virtual space-bar button for little longer duration.

choose input method in android

Hindi Typing with Google Hindi Input Keyboard

Google Hindi Input has option to use Hindi keyboard or use English keyboard (with transliteration tool). Switching between these keyboards can be done through the keyboard button.

Hindi Typing on WhatsApp Messenger with Google Hindi Input

  • Hindi keyboard ( Hindi character on keyboard)- If you are familiar with Hindi typing through Hindi keyboard then you can select option of Hindi keyboard. Hindi is treated as complex script in computer applications where you need to print characters and matras as well. Printing character is not difficult but placement of matras make it little complex. This option is good for trained Hindi typist, alternatively Hindi transliteration tools can be used easily.
  • English keyboard – English keyboard has English characters on keys. This English keyboard can be used to type English or Hindi. English typing is as usual but Hindi typing is achieved trough transliteration method. Switching between the English typing or Hindi typing on this keyboard is done through the virtual key in keyboard which toggle between two options.

Use of Hindi transliteration on English keyboard

The transliteration method uses English keyboard to type Hindi words. For typing any Hindi word, we need to type English characters as per the pronunciation of Hindi word. For example, if you want to type समानता then type samanta ,  if you want to type भारतदेश then type bharatdesh.

The transliteration method uses English characters to type but computer application behind the keyboard understands the word and presents suitable Hindi word. Most of the users are familiar with English keyboard therefore Hindi typing becomes quite easy with this Hindi transliteration method.

Improve SEO with schema.org microdata

We all know that high quality content is important for better placement in search engine. On the other side, the search engine should recognize your identity, content and read carefully whatever is available in your website.

Search engines perform these actions through certain algorithms which read the website information and analyze it for search engine ranking. This complete process is done inside the machines so biggest challenge for search engines is to understand the web content. The html is good for browser but it does not convey much quality information to search algorithms. Search engines can give priority to h1 tag over h2 and h3 but what is inside h1 tag is not known to search engines. Similarly there is no tag which can signify place or person.

So there is need of search engine grammar which convey proper meaning out of web content to search engines. This is the reason which evolved microformats, microdata, RTF and other data validation languages.

Microformats are more common till todays but they have smaller vocabulary than microdata. Google, Yahoo and other search engines have already adopted microdata in 2011 but there is still less adoption for microdata. Schema.org has given large set of microdata markup for web community.

schema.org microdata

What is microdata

As per W3C note, it is machine readable data which can be embedded in html documents. It is compatible with other data formats like RDF and JSON.

Microdata is group of name-value pair, called items and each name-value pair is property of item. Each item is created by itemscope attribute. Property of item is defined by itemprop attribute.

  • If you take blog article as item then properties can be like author, contributor, creator, editor, copyright holder, copyright year, date, url , text etc.
  • If you take book as an item then properties can be book edition, book format, illustrator, isbn, number of page etc.
  • If you take job posting as an item then properties can be base salary, benefits, education requirement, experience requirement, responsibilities, qualification, skills etc.
  • If you take recipe as an item them properties can be cooking method, cooking time, ingredients, nutrition, preparation time, total time, recipe yield etc.

So these items and their properties can annotate content with specific machine readable tags which can convey useful information to Search engines for content categorization.

Why schema.org microdata, why not others formats

Schema.org is a joint effort of Google, Microsoft, Yandex and Yahoo. It is an effort to standardize the SEO markups which can be useful for webmasters and search engines as well. At present, there are several data markup language which creates confusion for webmasters so keeping one standard format will be helpful for all. Schema.org micordata vocabulary enhancement is an ongoing process and it is improved a lot in last few years. Some of the major theme developers like StudioPress has already used schema.org microdata in their WordPress themes.

How schema.org microdata improve website SEO

We are familiar with SEO practices like backlinks, content keywords, webpage speed etc. This all happens after Google or other search engines read your content. How much exactly they extract from your content is one of the key point. If search engine can understand your location after reading your address, if search engine can understand name of the persons, places, things etc then search engine has more specific information for search results. If you review a movie and search engine can differentiate name of movie, artists, producer from the webpage then it will be highly useful in search result presentation.

If you give more information to search engines from your content by introducing schema.org microdata markups, it will definitely add value to your content thus better positioning in search results.

How to Download Google fonts in your PC

Google has large set of font family in their software repository. You can use those fonts in your website as well as other applications installed in your PC. We all know that most of the applications use fonts installed in your operating system directory thus you need to enrich your font directory so that you can use variety of fonts in your applications.

Google directory of fonts is one of the best location to select fonts. Number of font family and font styles are increasing day by day and these are available free for public which you can optimally use in your applications.

Download Google fonts in your PC

Selectively download Google fonts in your pc

If you want to download few selected font family from Google repository for using them in your PC then you can use these method of selective download.

Download Google fonts from Google website

This is most convenient way to download selected fonts from Google website. Open Google fonts website and select font family of your choice by add to collection
option. Once you select your desired fonts, click on download (downward arrow icon on right upper side).This will open option for download. You can download zip file or download through SkyFonts or all fonts. I will suggest you to download zip file. When zip file is downloaded, you unzip the folder and install the fonts in your fonts directory.

Download Google fonts with SkyFonts

Skyfonts is application which can install desktop fonts and sync between them between your devices. You can download SkyFonts application and install in your PC [ SkyFonts Download link ]. SkyFonts app is available for Windows and Mac operating system. Windows users can download 32 bit or 64 bit version as per their OS requirement.

How to download Google fonts with SkyFonts

download Google fonts with SkyFonts

Open application after installation. For downloading google fonts,

  • Go to services and then Google Fonts
  • It will open fonts.com website with a popup windows. This popup window shows list of Google fonts and Skyfonts button to add font in your PC.
  • You can add particular font style or add entire font family.

Google fonts with SkyFonts

The fonts downloaded through the Skyfonts is stored in local apps data location. You can access the downloaded fonts folder in your PC by

  • In the SkyFonts application, click on SkyFonts->Settings….This will open a popup window.
  • Select services tab and click on Open Google Font Folder. This folder will show all the downloaded font.

There is one important thing. The downloaded fonts are not installed in Operating system fonts directory. The Operating system font directory has just link of these font. If you want to install the downloaded fonts in your Operating system directory then you can copy the fonts and paste them into Operating system fonts directory.

Download all the Google fonts in your PC

The size of Google fonts repository is increasing day by day. I recently downloaded all the fonts from Google repository and size of downloaded data is more than 3.5 GB. Look at the method of downloading all the Google fonts in Windows and Mac PC.

Windows PC

  • Download and install TortoiseHG application.
  • Create a new folder in some location.
  • Right click the folder and click on TortoiseHG -> Clone..
  • It will open pop up window, enter source url https://googlefontdirectory.googlecode.com/hg/
  • Click on Clone to start download.
  • The download process will download all the Google fonts in that folder. If you want to install any fonts in your Operating system fonts directory, then your can copy & paste those font in Operating system font directory.

Mac PC

  • Download and install Mercurial for your Mac version.
  • In finder, Go to Applications and then Utilities folder. Open the Terminal application.
  • In the Hg Clone, paste the url https://googlefontdirectory.googlecode.com/hg/ googlefontdirectory and return.

How to enable Google font effects

In my last article, I wrote about how to use Google fonts in WordPress theme. The general concept of using google fonts applies to all other websites. Google has introduced font effects which can be easily incorporated in the webpages. There are several font effects which can give artistic look to your text.

Google font effects

How to enable Google font effects

Enable Google font effects directly from google fonts website

You may remember, method of using google fonts from previous article. Broadly speaking, you need to link google font style sheet in your website and use the font family in your style sheet. Look at the url structure of using google font.


This is the url of particular google font. This url has two part. First is the base url and second is the query parameter.

  1. http://fonts.googleapis.com/css
  2. ?family=Inconsolata

The base url remains same but you can change font family name as per your need. For using the font effects, you need to add effect= Font API request parameter in the query string. Look at the example

The query string starts with ? and each parameter type is joined by & sign. Here in this url, there are two parameter ; family= and effect= . The API name for effect can be checked from google font effects page.

Once you fix your google font url, you can create link this url in your website.

 You put this <link> tag in head section of your site which will load font style sheet for your webpage. For using font effect, apply the class name in the html element. The class name for each font effects can be checked from google font effects page.

Use css style of Google font effects to apply locally

In the above process, defining google font family parameter is always required which load font family style sheet. When you modify url for font effect, the corresponding style sheet has CSS class for font effects also. You can check this by just copy & paste google font url in browser address bar; font style sheet will be loaded.

If you don’t want to apply font effect by using CSS class in each of html element, you can use CSS style of font effects in your style sheet directly. Type the URL for Google fonts along with font family and font effect in browser address bar. Loaded style sheet will show the CSS style of font effect.

For example copy & paste this google font url in browser.


This way you can check CSS style of any font effect and copy it in your style sheet.

Limitations of Google font effects

If you look at the list of fonts effects available at google website, the table shows support of font effects by web browser. Today there are only few font effects which are supported by all the major browsers. This is the biggest limitation which may be rectified in future but you need to take care while applying font effects. Apply only those font effects which are supported by major browsers.

How to use Google fonts in WordPress theme

Google has large collection of fonts. You may refer Google fonts website for list of fonts available. There is no doubt that fonts affect the display of text in several ways. It may be clarity of text or creativity but they affect the design significantly. At present, Google website shows total 645 font family. You can filter font family through the available criterion and check the font display for single word, sentence or paragraph. It will give idea that how font will look on webpage.

If you use standard fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New etc., you need not to do anything special but just mention font name in your style sheet. If you want to have some creative font style or some particular type of font then you need to load those fonts for proper render of your webpage. Just as your style sheet loads in browser, font style sheet is also required to be loaded, if not available in your browser.

google fonts in wordpress theme

In case of Google fonts, you need to load fonts from google repository and then use fonts in your css style.

  • Place <link href=’XYZ’ rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’> in header ( inside <head> — </head> section) to load Google font in your webpage. XYZ is link of particular font family along with details of font styles.
  • Apply the font in CSS style.

<link> code and CSS style for each of the font family is available at Google fonts website. Go to control button -> Quick use for your selected font in Google fonts website. On the Quick use page, you can verify font settings and copy the code for your website.

  1. Choose the font styles you want to use in your website
  2. Choose the character set
  3. Copy and paste link code into your website
  4. Copy css style for font family and use it in your style sheet.

The above steps are applicable generally in all the places. These steps can be applied in WordPress theme also. We can insert the <link> tag before </head> section in theme header file and apply the fonts in css style sheet. But as a standard practice, we do not include js, css, or other files in theme header directly, alternatively the scripts and style sheets are included through the WordPress functions in functions.php file.

  • Include the selected Google fonts in WordPress theme through wp_enque_style() function in functions.php file
  • Apply font in style.css file

Google fonts in WordPress Theme

Take an example of Playfair Display font family in Google fonts. Let me include this Google fonts in WordPress theme.

  • Go to google fonts website
  • Look for Playfair Display fonts. Click on the control button -> Quick use.
  • Here you can see that many styles are available for Playfair Display font family. Each font family can have multiple styles like normal, italic, bold, etc. You can select styles which you want to use in your webpage.
  • You will see the link code for font family. Copy the href only. Example-‘http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Playfair+Display:400,700,900,400italic,700italic,900italic’
  • Now place this function in your functions.php to include font style sheet in your theme.

In the wp_enqueue_style function, first parameter is name of font which is used as handler, second is font family url (as copied from Google fonts website). If you want different font, then change these two parameters.

  • The above function will load font style sheet for your WordPress theme. Now you can apply fonts in your WordPress style.css file. You can copy css style from Google site and use it anywhere in css to display particular Google font.


How to host static website content on Google Drive

When we talk about cloud storage, few name like Google drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox emerge as leading online storage .The online storages are not only your file storage destinations but they are coupled with applications for online operations also. Recently Google has allowed its users to host their static website files in Google Drive .Dropbox had earlier option of static file hosting but they have withdrawn the feature from the free account in Dropbox. The public folder available in the Dropbox was capable to host static website files but now it is a pro account feature.

host website on google drive

Advantage of using Google Drive to host static website content

We can categorize websites according to the way webpages are delivered. Static websites has static webpages, means the webpages are created by static files like html, js, css etc. These static webpages are readily available at any point of time. On the other hand dynamic websites create their webpages dynamically after getting data from database.

In static websites,all the parts of static webpages are always available. They do not involve database operation so they can be hosted in places where there is no database. We can host css, js, images, videos in Google Drive which can jointly deliver static webpage. We can’t use Google drive to host WordPress and other CMS as they require database to store their content but we can still use Google Drive to host css , js and other static content of these CMS.

We know that website speed is a crucial parameter. Loading of static content like CSS, js etc from your webhost can take more time than hosting these file in Google Drive. Google has highly efficient server and you can use them to serve your static content.

How to host static website content on Google drive

Follow the following steps to host static web content on Google drive. You are expected that you have a Google drive account.

  • Create a folder in Google drive.
  • Share this folder –Right click this folder and click on share option .In the popup windows for sharing, click on privacy setting(Who has access) and select Public on the Web. So the visibility of this folder will be for public. Copy the link of public URL of this folder .Here you will get the id of the folder.
  • The web hosted content at Google Drive is accessible from this URL. https://googledrive.com/host/. You can add the id of the folder in the Google drive host URL. This updated URL gives access to your web host folder.
  • Now you can add sub folders and files inside your primary web host folder .The URL of each file will be like

https://googledrive.com/host/ + id of folder + / file name


  • Let us take an example .We create a folder website which we share for public. When we share this folder for public, its URL is like this
  • https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BygM1Uy-5v-oR3lFQVN1ZndzeG8&usp=sharing
  • Here id of the folder is 0BygM1Uy-5v-oR3lFQVN1ZndzeG8.The web host URL of this folder will be
  • https://googledrive.com/host/0BygM1Uy-5v-oR3lFQVN1ZndzeG8
  • We create three folders inside our primary web host folder (website) i.e image, CSS and js. The web host URL of these folders will be.
  • https://googledrive.com/host/0BygM1Uy-5v-oR3lFQVN1ZndzeG8/image
  • https://googledrive.com/host/0BygM1Uy-5v-oR3lFQVN1ZndzeG8/css
  • https://googledrive.com/host/0BygM1Uy-5v-oR3lFQVN1ZndzeG8/js
  • If we place logo.jpg in image folder, style.css in CSS folder and jquary.js in js folder the final URL of these files will be




How to host static website on Google Drive

Method to host website on Google drive is same as pointed above. Create a shared folder. Get its google host URL to access all content inside public folder. Now place all static files inside this folder. Anybody can access your website from any place with google host URL of your folder.

Accessing website with Google host URL may look awkward so you can book a domain name and redirect it to your Google drive public folder.

Top three Hindi Transliteration tools for Hindi Typing

Hindi typing has become easier after evolution of transliteration tools. In general terms, Transliteration is mapping from one system of writing to another system of writing. Transliteration may be word by word or character by character.

Use of Hindi keyboard is very limited and it is mainly used by trained typists. Earlier many users had avoided typing in Hindi due to lack of knowledge of Hindi keyboard but Hindi transliteration tools present an excellent option for Hindi typing over Latin keyboard.

The most important point about these transliteration tools is self-intelligence. Hindi is treated as complex language for typing .Hindi writing is not sequentially progressive like English .It has characters and matrass which are placed on top, below, left side or right side of character. Therefore Hindi typing through Hindi keyboards is executed with the help of human intellect as human brain works for the sequence of characters but Hindi typing with Latin keyboard can’t be just translation of character. All these tools have self-intelligence and memory which produce the appropriate Hindi word according to Latin words.

It is expected that transliteration tool should have:

Online editor – so that immediate requirement of creating any document may be achieved.

Web browser extension – This fulfills requirement of typing Hindi on any website.

Offline tool for Windows and Android – This is helpful for systems which are not connected to Internet.

We have checked some well-known application for their speed of operation and quality of transliteration. These recommended applications are quite efficient and user friendly for online use.

Google input tool for hindi transliteration

Google Input Tool – This Google Hindi transliteration tool is improved significantly over past few years. Accuracy of generated Hindi words is impressive. This tool is available for Windows desktop, android devices and different web browsers. This is one of the best free tool and it is recommended for Hindi typing.

Quillpad – Quillpad Hindi transliteration tools is as efficient as other tools but use of this is not as straight as other tools. Quillpad editor is available online for online Hindi typing. User can create Hindi text with transliteration tool and align text with text editing tools. So a complete Hindi document can be created online with Quillpad.

It provides option to publish text in Hindi with its social tool. Text typed in Hindi over the online Quilipad tool can be published on social site like Facebook, twitter or it can be sent through email.

Similarly Quillpad roaming tool provides option to type in Hindi over some famous sites like WordPress, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia, Yahoo mail, Gmail and blogger. User need to login through Quillpad site for using this tool over other websites.

Yahoo Transliteration – This Yahoo Hindi Transliteration editor is available online and its extensions for Firefox, Google Chrome , Safari and Internet explorer are also available.


  • Quality of Hindi transliteration is impressive in all three tools but based on availability of tools for different platforms, Google input tool is the preferred choice.
  • Online typing can be done with available online editor and Hindi text can be printed or copied to other destination. All three applications have online editors.
  • Web browser extension for Hindi transliteration is provided by Google and Yahoo. These extensions can be used to type in Hindi on any website. Quillpad social tools provide limited and confined online use.

Quillpad has created multiple tools like Quillpad roaming tool, Quillpad Social tool which serve on specific websites so they are limited in use. It could have served purpose better by providing a single web browser extension. Overall Google Input tool is the first choice.